cecilia tham

Embracing a Non-linear Path to Impactful Innovation

Cecilia Tham’s journey to the helm of Futurity Systems is anything but traditional. From Hong Kong to the U.S., and then to Barcelona, her path is a testament to the power of embracing non-linear career trajectories.

“I went from starting a co-working space to opening a fab cafe and then a school for women in tech,” Cecilia shares. This diverse background laid the foundation for her current role, where she scales impact through innovative technology.

Learning from Alpha Telefonica’s Moonshot Approach: Advancing Exponential Tech Development

Cecilia’s experience at Alpha Telefonica was a turning point, where she immersed herself in future-thinking methodologies. “It was a moonshot factory,” she explains, revealing how such initiatives push boundaries to create technologies with exponential impact.

This experience not only refined her vision but also underscored the importance of patient capital and proprietary technology in shaping the future.

The Art of Anticipating the Unpredictable in Future-Thinking Innovation

The core of Cecilia’s work revolves around preparing for the unseen and making the unpredictable tangible. “By the time you think you need to be resilient for the future, it’s already too late,” she asserts.

Her focus is on weaving stories that help people understand and value the future before it becomes the present, especially in realms like AI.

Applied Futurism in Tech: Bridging Historical Insights and Future Technologies

Cecilia identifies herself as an “applied futurist,” emphasizing a hands-on approach to futurism.

“Futures have a lot to do with the past,” she states, highlighting the importance of collective memory in shaping what’s to come. This perspective is crucial in developing strategies and solutions that are grounded in reality yet forward-thinking.

The Impact of Storytelling in Futurism

Finally, Cecilia touches on the significance of public speaking in her field. It’s a vital tool for sharing her vision and connecting with potential collaborators. “It’s a conversation with the audience,” she says, highlighting the importance of engagement and storytelling in conveying complex ideas about the future.