why microsoft bet on surface

Today on the flagship podcast of open smart home standards: 

03:25 – Microsoft’s Pavan Devaluri, leader for Windows and Devices, joins the show to discuss the future of the AI PC and what’s next for Microsoft’s hardware

30:25 – The Verge’s Jen Tuohy and David Pierce discuss the latest updates in the smart home world in a segment called “Does Matter matter yet?”

01:13:20 – David answers a question from the Vergecast Hotline about AI-powered search engines. 

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microsoft copilot plus pcs – new surface pro, surface laptop


0:00 The AI has won. sorry

0:09 Microsoft Copilot Plus PCs

1:58 Surface Pro, Surface Laptop

3:06 HP, Dell, ASUS, Lenovo, Samsung

4:24 new Windows AI features

6:15 Intel to answer?


7:40 OpenAI changes the “Her” voice

8:03 Apple fixes iOS photos bug

8:30 Android is getting ads too

9:07 FDA approves 2nd Neuralink patient

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