314. boss babe to bold exit: danielle canty’s strategies on

Ever wonder how personal and business challenges intertwine and how women can innovate their way to the top? Tune in to today’s episode as we dive into the crux of these issues with our phenomenal guest, Danielle Canty.

Prepare for an inspiring dialogue that not only illuminates the value of strong networks and deep connections but also offers actionable insights on marketing evolution, purpose-driven entrepreneurship, and overcoming the stigmas around wealth. Walk away with a renewed perspective on how intertwined business and personal growth truly are, plus practical strategies to thrive as a woman in business.

Ready to challenge the status quo and unlock the keys to entrepreneurial success? Press play and be part of the revolution! 

Connect with Danielle: https://www.instagram.com/daniellecanty/
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why we love being entrepreneurs

In this upbeat episode of The Blend with Kenz + Chan, we focus on all the things we love about being entrepreneurs. From the flexibility and freedom to the incredible community and building our own culture, we dive into what makes this journey so rewarding.

We also reflect on our childhoods and the moments that sparked our entrepreneurial spirit, sharing how these experiences have shaped who we are today. Join us as we celebrate the joys of entrepreneurship, discuss the positives, and learn more about ourselves along the way.

Tune in for an inspiring conversation about the perks of being an entrepreneur and how we blend passion, business, and friendship on The Blend with Kenz + Chan.

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