quality vs quantity in content creation

On today’s episode of the GaryVee Audio Experience, I sit down with the Bussin’ With The Boys podcast and chop it up. We discuss loving your craft more than you love the rewards that come along with it, the importance of saying what you believe, and vulnerability. I hope you enjoy this one!


-Loving the grind more than the trophies
-Being a leader by nature
-The power of simplifying life
-Never say something you don’t believe in
-The quality/quantity framework of content
-This is why you need to stop complaining
-Compromising your truth for other people’s opinions
-How many people fully know GaryVee?
-There’s no right, there’s what’s right for you
-Gary’s thought on NIL

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a rant that will destroy your imposter syndrome on social me

People want it before they are it … more of you need to create content under the context of being an enthusiast not an expert.. so many struggle with imposter syndrome because they know they aren’t “it” I think too many are enthralled with being an Expert .. I think when you change that to enthusiast it allows you to make content and gets you on your way, your fear 😨 goes away and your creativity goes up! Have a feeling someone’s life just adjusted in a positive way ♥️💜

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rs302: beyond content marketing with doug cunnington

Doug Cunnington is an affiliate marketing, SEO, AI, and content marketing expert. Today, Craig and Doug chat about their experiences as founders and with web content, in hopes that they can learn from each other and pass along some tidbits of info to listeners. AI-generated content is everywhere these days. The content marketing industry is … Read more

people react to sora openai’s video generation model

In this episode, we dive into the varied reactions surrounding OpenAI’s release of Sora, their innovative text-to-video model. From excitement over its creative potential to concerns about ethical implications, I explore the spectrum of public sentiment and its impact on the future of content creation.

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