s5 ep3: not fintech investment advice: layup gamifies savin

It’s time for another episode of “Not Fintech Advice” with the inestimable, Simon Taylor! Or errr…. Whatever, that word actually means. 
Alex and Simon break down the latest in fintech news starting with Galleon, an off-market real estate platform that allows sellers to scope out the market and exert a greater degree of control over their pricing. Is this simply a byproduct of the state of the real estate market, or will Galleon have actual staying power? 
Then, get ready to dive into the gamified world of savings with Layup as Simon and Alex discuss how the app is using behavioral psychology to incentivize saving. Can it compete with the sports betting industry? Should it even want to exist in such a high-risk space? 
Plus, the guys get into how Moment is allowing fintech companies to offer credit similarly to stocks, before diving into the deets of Series’ plans to compete with major ERP companies like Oracle and NetSuite. Is it worth it to even try? 
And don’t miss out on why Alex and Simon want to hear a little less talk about language learning AI models, and see a lot more action when it comes to machine learning technology!
  2:12 Galleon
12:10 Layup’s Prize-Linked Savings Account
29:00 Moment
38:50 Series’ ERP Ambitions
46:49 Manifesting Fintech
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from management consulting at bcg to creating an accounting

Taking calculated risks can often lead to great rewards if done correctly. In this chat with Alexandru Anghel, co-founder of Solo, Alexandru shares journey from management consultant to startup founder. 

To begin, Alex quit his job as a management consultant and joined an incubator run by an experienced entrepreneur who became the first investor of Solo. From this experience, he learned how to hire, manage money, build a product that people love to use, and bootstrap for as long as possible before seeking out investors.

Solo solves a problem for customers by providing them with an easy way to manage their finances and investments. It provides an automated system with transparent information on income, taxes, and paperwork filing that is easy to access and understand.

What I love about this conversation is that Alex shares wonderful advice when seeking fundraising for the first time, his approach to creating a winning culture, and why bootstrapping for as long as you can has its advantages.

Show highlights:

0:50 – when was the first time you got your first taste of entrepreneurship?

2:35 – you didn’t think of another profession like being a lockpicker?

6:33 – is there a lockpicking community in Romania? 😆

7:00 – what was your experience like living in Austria?

9:58 – what do customers get excited about when they discover Solo?

13:05 – who was the first investor and what was that experience like?

14:40 – what advice would you give to anyone who wants to launch a startup?

19:58 – what is something that you do that has contributed to your success?

21: 40 – a favorite tv show that you can watch again and again?

23:05 – instead of stock options, you give your new employees ____________

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geschaftsideen nach einem 700 mio. euro exit (mit sven schul

Für dich ist die Folge richtig, wenn du wissen willst:

… wie Sven Schulz einen der lukrativen Exits der letzten Jahre erreicht hat.

… warum ein einfacher Anruf bei einem Studentenverein der Ausgangspunkt einer irren Geschichte war.

… wie er einen Payday von Hunderten von Millionen gefeiert hat.

… warum er heute in Messaging Apps und ERP-Systeme investieren würde.



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