tnb tech minute: spotify wants to let you make custom remixe

Plus: Instagram will automatically detect and blur nude photos in an effort to protect teens. And Amazon’s CEO calls generative AI one of the largest technological transformations in decades. Danny Lewis hosts.

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amazon’s jassy says generative ai boom will be built on aws

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Bloomberg News Technology and E-Commerce Reporter Spencer Soper provides the details of Amazon CEO Andy Jassy’s annual letter to shareholders outlining how the company’s cloud infrastructure will become an essential part of the generative artificial intelligence boom. Louise Phillips Forbes, Agent at Brown Harris Stevens, breaks down the New York City real estate market. Roberta Goss, Head of the Bank Loan and CLO Platform at Pretium, discusses the private credit outlook. And we Drive to the Close with with Kathy Jones, Chief Fixed Income Strategist at Schwab Center for Financial Research.
Hosts: Carol Massar and Tim Stenovec. Producer: Paul Brennan.

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ai global coalition, amazon’s shareholder letter

 Bloomberg’s Ed Ludlow and Caroline Hyde break down Amazon CEO Andy Jassy’s annual letter to shareholders. Plus, Jeff Bezos and Tim Cook attend the White House state dinner for Japan’s Prime Minister. And, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman looks to build a global coalition on artificial intelligence as he visits the United Arab Emirates. 

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amazon $8m platform risk, if you are going to use ai to wri

In episode #2716, we dive into key business strategies and marketing insights. We cover the dangers of depending too heavily on giants like Amazon and Google, stressing the importance of exploring diverse channels and platforms. We delve into the impact of creating catchy terms and acronyms on social media, the role of storytelling and unique content in engagement, and the nuances of measuring ROI. Highlighted too are the benefits of gift cards in marketing, the trend of leveraging current trends, and using podcasts for revenue. 


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  • (00:00) Today’s topic: Amazon $8M platform risk,  If you are going to use AI to write content you can’t forget about DRIVE, The ROI of 150M shortform views, We are at peak giftcard
  • (01:15) Amazon $8M platform risk
  • (04:27) If you are going to use AI to write content you can’t forget about DRIVE
  • (08:09) The ROI of 150M shortform views
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why stellantis is staying all-in on electric vehicles

Two years ago, carmaker Stellantis set out an ambitious goal: to make half of the company’s U.S. sales volume all-electric by 2030. But while competitors have dialed back their EV ambitious, the company behind brands like Jeep, Chrysler and Dodge remains all-in. WSJ reporter Ryan Felton speaks with host Alex Ossola about Stellantis’ big EV bet. Plus, Amazon merchants say they regularly receive junk instead of returned purchases. WSJ reporter Sebastian Herrera explains how return fraud became a big problem for online retailers. 

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linux backdoor, amazon’s fake ai stores, incognito mode sett

0:00 appreciate ur help
0:06 Linux backdoor found, crisis averted
2:15 Amazon drops cashierless stores
3:51 Google Incognito Mode settlement
6:07 Snapdragon X Elite vs Intel Core Ultra
6:58 Google Podcasts shut down
7:38 TSMC starts work again right away
8:25 Cars cannot spot kangaroos
9:33 ISS component crashes into house
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anthropic raises $2.75b from amazon and beats gpt4

In this episode, we discuss Anthropic’s remarkable achievement of raising $2.75 billion from Amazon and its claim of surpassing GPT-4 with its cutting-edge AI technology. Join us as we delve into the implications of this development for the AI landscape and its potential impact on future advancements in the field.

#89 – amazon teaches us a lesson

In this episode, we navigate the post-April Fools’ day landscape, highlighting the latest in tech and AI. Chrome introduces AI-enhanced themes and tab customizations, while Dalle 3 brings advanced in-painting capabilities, sparking discussions about its practical use in the artistic community. We spotlight creators like Dustinhollywood, who impresses with his AI-generated sci-fi film "The Last Artist," and Dave Clark, aka Diesol, for his short film "Edgehunter." On the job front, we share a lead for front-end engineers at Anduril, aiming to expand their generative AI team.

We delve into significant industry shifts with Sam Altman stepping down from OpenAI’s VC fund, steering towards a broader collaboration with Microsoft, and Amazon revising its checkout technology in Fresh stores, replacing "Just Walk Out" with Dash Carts for a more transparent shopping experience. These changes reflect the ongoing evolution and skepticism in AI’s practical applications. Wrapping up, we explore Stanford Medicine’s breakthrough with SyntheMol, an AI model creating new drugs against antibiotic-resistant bacteria, marking a significant step in healthcare innovation.

tnb tech minute: amazon plans hundreds of job cuts in cloud-

Plus: Ford reports a surge in electric vehicle sales. And Spotify plans to hike subscription prices. Danny Lewis hosts. 

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e-commerce-schlagabtausch mit jan bechler und alex graf (#68

Im OMR Podcast diskutieren die beiden Unternehmer und Experten über Trends im Online-Handel.

Chinesische Shopping-Apps wie Temu und Shein mischen den Markt auf – und bald könnte mit Tiktok Shop ein weiterer Player aus Asien dazukommen. Doch können diese Plattformen auch die Vormachtstellung von Amazon in westlichen Ländern dauerhaft brechen? Darüber diskutieren die E-Commerce-Experten Jan Bechler und Alex Graf im OMR Podcast. Außerdem sprechen sie darüber, wie Marken sich angesichts der Herausforderungen aufstellen sollten, wie sie auf die Zukunft von deutschen Playern wie Zalando oder About You blicken und warum ausgerechnet Indien gerade ein “Happy Place” für Händler*innen ist.

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