big tech rips youtube for ai, openai’s new agi rules & the s

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AI News coming in hot: Proof News shows that YouTube transcripts were used to train The Pile, an AI model that NVIDIA, Amazon, Apple & Anthropic all use, A16Z & other Silicon Valley leaders choose a side in the election, OpenAI’s new model is leaking info on the steps to AGI & some of our favorite new AI videos that we absolutely love.

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Apple, Anthropic, Nvidia & Amazon all used YouTube videos to train AI models


MKBHD Reax Silicon Valley / AI Maxxers choose a side

A16Z’s Marc Andreesen & Ben Horowitz also choose a side

The Plan for a “Manhattan Project” of AI

OpenAI’s Strawberry + Levels to AGI

ChatGPT Doesn’t Trust Chargers Fans:Guardrail Sensitivity in Context


Eno, the first Generative Film



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801: merged llms are smaller and more capable, with arcee ai

Merged LLMs are the future, and we’re exploring how with Mark McQuade and Charles Goddard from Arcee AI on this episode with Jon Krohn. Learn how to combine multiple LLMs without adding bulk, train more efficiently, and dive into different expert approaches. Discover how smaller models can outperform larger ones and leverage open-source projects for big enterprise wins. This episode is packed with must-know insights for data scientists and ML engineers. Don’t miss out!

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In this episode you will learn:
• Explanation of Charles’ job title: Chief of Frontier Research [03:31]
• Model Merging Technology combining multiple LLMs without increasing size [04:43]
• Using MergeKit for model merging [14:49]
• Evolutionary Model Merging using evolutionary algorithms [22:55]
• Commercial applications and success stories [28:10]
• Comparison of Mixture of Experts (MoE) vs. Mixture of Agents [37:57]
• Spectrum Project for efficient training by targeting specific modules [54:28]
• Future of Small Language Models (SLMs) and their advantages [01:01:22]

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adopting generative ai in healthcare organizations – with pr

Today’s guest is Prashant Natarajan, Vice President of Strategy and Products at is a tech company whose platform, the H2O AI Cloud, enables businesses, government entities, nonprofits, and academic institutions to make, operate, and innovate with different AI capabilities like machine learning and AI-enhanced middleware. Prashant joins Emerj CEO and Head of Research Daniel Faggella on today’s episode to discuss the impact generative AI is having on the healthcare industry and what leaders can do to drive adoption safely across the enterprise. To access Emerj’s frameworks for AI readiness, ROI, and strategy, visit Emerj Plus at

openai’s new system for determining how close agi is

OpenAI introduces a new leveling system to track the progress towards AGI. Learn about the five stages of AI development and what each level signifies. Explore the insights from Bloomberg’s scoop and the implications for the future of AI. Also, discover why Microsoft and Apple are stepping back from their OpenAI board observer roles amid antitrust concerns.

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generative ai fur ecommerce: permar ai im pitch battle – mit

“Startup Insider Pitch Battle” ist das Format für aufregende und innovative Pitches aufstrebender Startups. Alle zwei Wochen erhalten ambitionierte Gründerinnen und Gründer die Möglichkeit, ihre Ideen in maximal 10 Minuten vorzustellen und direktes Feedback von erfahrenen Investorinnen und Investoren zu bekommen. Die Teilnehmende haben dabei drei Leitfragen zu beantworten:

Was ist euer Produkt und welches Problem löst ihr?

Wie funktioniert euer Geschäftsmodell und wer ist eure Zielgruppe?

Wie unterscheidet ihr euch von Marktteilnehmern und wo seht ihr euch in drei Jahren?


Am Ende jeder Woche wählt eine hochkarätige Jury beim “Pitch Showdown” das Startup der Woche aus, das auch auf unserem LinkedIn-Kanal Startup Insider vorgestellt wird.


Im heutigen “Pitch Battle” sprechen wir mit Matthias Strafinger, Co-Founder und CEO von Permar AI. Permar AI ist ein innovatives Generative AI Startup, das eCommerce Unternehmen bei der Optimierung ihrer Conversion Rates unterstützt. Vor der Gründung von Permar AI war Matthias Geschäftsführer eines Tochterunternehmens der XXXLutz Gruppe und hat zudem seine eigene eCommerce Marke geleitet sowie diverse eCommerce Unternehmen beraten. Permar AI setzt auf generative KI, um Texte, Bilder und Elemente auf Webseiten automatisiert zu testen und so die Conversion Rates zu steigern. Durch kontinuierliche Datenanalysen verfeinert Permar AI die Ergebnisse und hilft dabei, datengetrieben eCommerce-Webshops zu optimieren. 

Permar AI wurde 2024 von Matthias Strafinger und Matteo Berchier in Wien gegründet und hat bereits ein Investment von 100.000 US-Dollar erhalten.


Unser heutiger Gast

Bevor Matthias Permar AI gegründet hat war er Geschäftsführer eines Tochterunternehmens der XXXLutz Gruppe, dem 50% Eigentümer von Home24. Zusätzlich hatte er seine eigene eCommerce Marke und hat einige eCommerce Unternehmen beraten.
Seine Karriere hat er im Investment Banking gestartet und sein Masterstudium an der Universität St. Gallen absolviert. 





Über Startup Insider: 

Startup Insider ist das Branchenportal für die Startup-Szene im DACH-Raum. Hier findest du Nachrichten aus allen Regionen und Industrien sowie eine Übersicht der wichtigsten Akteure und Events der deutschsprachigen Startup-Welt.

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legal tech innovations and impacts: latest acquisitions, par

Welcome to today’s episode of "AI Lawyer Talking Tech," where we delve into the most recent advancements and trends shaping the legal technology landscape. In this episode, we explore Legaltech Hub’s strategic acquisition of Legal Tech Consultants, enhancing their advisory and content offerings. We also discuss the exciting partnership between Leya and FromCounsel, leveraging generative AI to revolutionize legal knowledge sharing. Additionally, we’ll cover the upcoming Legal Innovators UK event, the Department of Justice’s stance on AI in antitrust law, and the groundbreaking California Age Appropriate Design Code Act. Stay tuned as we unpack these developments and more, highlighting the transformative power of legal tech in today’s legal industry.

Legaltech Hub acquires Legal Tech Consultants
09 Jul 2024
Legal IT Insider
Leya + FromCounsel Partner For GenAI Legal Knowledge Offering
09 Jul 2024
Artificial Lawyer
Get Ready For Legal Innovators UK – London, Nov 6 + 7 !
09 Jul 2024
Artificial Lawyer
The DOJ shouldn’t re-write antitrust law out of AI fears
08 Jul 2024
Legal Dive – Latest News
The California Age Appropriate Design Code Act May Be the Most Important Piece of Tech Legislation You’ve Never Heard Of
09 Jul 2024
Whiteford Announces Groundbreaking Partnership with Harvey
09 Jul 2024
Whiteford Taylor & Preston LLP
Leya and FromCounsel launch knowledge sharing pilot with 12 law firms
09 Jul 2024
Legal IT Insider
How Patent Trolls Could Derail the Auto Industry’s Comeback
09 Jul 2024
The Law Society picks Gallagher for cyber insurance
09 Jul 2024
Insurance Business UK
Ensure Your Business Interests Are Protected With These Clever Tips
09 Jul 2024
Intelligent Living
Considering a Career in Law?
08 Jul 2024
MarketCrest Continues Its Award-Winning Streak with Silver NYX Award for a SEM Campaign in Law & Legal Services
08 Jul 2024
Law Firm Newswire
AI in employment law: navigating the legal implications of automation in the workplace
08 Jul 2024
Retail Technology Innovation Hub
Court to decide on $7.6 billion legal fee for lawyers who voided Elon Musk’s pay
08 Jul 2024
Top Ways AI Is Revolutionizing the Judicial System
08 Jul 2024
Innovation & Tech Today
The rise of electronic payments within the legal industry: A vital shift for modern law firms
08 Jul 2024
Legal Futures
Hong Kong Privacy Commission publishes personal data protection framework for AI users
09 Jul 2024
Berwin Leighton Paisner
California Federal Court Refuses To Dismiss Wiretapping Class Action Involving Company’s Use Of Third-Party AI Software
08 Jul 2024
Duane Morris
California Court of Appeal Thwarts Efforts to Conceal Important Driving History Information from Employers
08 Jul 2024
The Risks of an Operating System Integrated with Artificial Intelligence
08 Jul 2024
Jackson Lewis
AI Watch: Global regulatory tracker – Czech Republic
08 Jul 2024
White & Case
Florida Governor Vetoes Cybersecurity Data Breach Immunity Bill: 4 Things Businesses Can Do to Prevent Data Breach Claims
08 Jul 2024
Fisher & Phillips LLP

799: agi could be near: dystopian and utopian implications,

No-code games with GenAI, the creative possibilities of LLMs, and our proximity to AGI: In this episode, Jon Krohn talks to Andrey Kurenkov about what turned him from an AGI skeptic to a positivist. You’ll also hear about his wildly popular podcast “Last Week in AI” and how the NVIDIA-backed startup Astrocade is helping videogame enthusiasts to create their own games through generative AI. A must-listen!

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In this episode you will learn:
• All about The Gradient and Last Week in AI [10:42]
• All about Astrocade and Andrey’s role at the startup [24:35]
• Balancing UX and creative control at Astrocade [42:00]
• The creative possibilities of LLMs [1:04:15]
• The rapid emergence of AGI [1:10:31]

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