#750 what is the most simple os for <$5m?

The hard part shouldn’t be how to implement an OS in your organization. The hard part is answering the question: Are the right people in the right roles at your company?

In this episode, Dan and Ian share their own OS that’s extremely simple. It’s called GPS. They’ll explain how GPS helps you put a plan in place to meet your goals, and deliver on that plan. That’s it.

Also, hiring for specific tasks, the impact of remote work on hiring, and more.

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● (00:00:41) Introduction and ‘Meaty Shorts’ Format
● (00:06:48) Hiring for Specific Tasks in a Business
● (00:15:55) Minimum Viable EOS (GPS) Implementation
● (00:16:27) Implementing the EOS System: The GPS Framework
● (00:18:54) Using Scorecards for Clarity and Accountability
● (00:25:06) The Importance of Regular Check-ins and Standing Meetings


Past guests on TMBA include Cal Newport, David Heinemeier Hannson, Seth Godin, Ricardo Semler, Noah Kagan, Rob Walling, Jay Clouse, Einar Vollset, Sam Dogan, Gino Wickam, James Clear, Jodie Cook, Mark Webster, Steph Smith, Taylor Pearson, Tommy Griffith, Justin Tan, Matt Gartland, Travis Jamison, Ayman Al-Abdullah, Tynan, Lucy Bella Simkins, Brian Balfour, Nick Huber, Mike Michalowicz, Greg Crabtree, Jordan Gal

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