legal tech transformation: global insights and emerging tren

Welcome to today’s episode of ‘AI Lawyer Talking Tech.’ In this edition, we dive into the transformative impact of legal technology worldwide. From India’s evolving legal ecosystem, driven by AI and supported by the Bar Council, to the cybersecurity challenges faced by UK law firms amidst rapid tech adoption. We’ll explore CompetitionAI, an innovative platform by Clifford Chance, revolutionizing competition law research, and take a closer look at Italy’s blend of tradition and legal tech innovation. Join us as we unpack the latest trends, including mobile legal apps enhancing case management, AI’s role in beverage alcohol compliance, and the significant shifts in legal education with AI integration. Stay tuned for an engaging discussion on the future of legal tech and its global implications.

Lawyers and the Bar Council of India Are Key to development of Indian LegalTech Ecosystem.
04 Jul 2024
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03 Jul 2024
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377: navigating the evolving cybersecurity landscape with ey


On this engaging episode of Startup Junkies, hosts Victoria Dickerson, Jeff Amerine, and Harrison Kitson delve into the ever-changing world of cybersecurity with Eyal Gallico, founder of Apollo IT Services, a company that works with businesses to provide professional, proactive, and affordable IT and cybersecurity services for businesses of any scale or along any journey. 


Eyal’s journey began fifteen years ago when he moved from Israel to the United States, settling initially in College Station, Texas. Eyal worked for a subsidiary of Apple Computers before relocating to the vibrant city of Austin where he engaged with various IT and medical software companies, accumulating a wealth of experience in the tech industry. However, Eyal eventually found that his career was neither financially nor personally fulfilling, prompting him to establish his own company.


Throughout the conversation, Gallico shares his insights on the latest threats, including the rise of AI-powered phishing attacks, ransomware, and the role of nation-states in cybercrime. Additionally, he provides practical tips for individuals and businesses to safeguard their digital assets, emphasizing the importance of strong passwords, two-factor authentication, and proper backup strategies. The conversation also touches on Gallico’s personal journey, from his beginnings as a graphic designer to his entrepreneurial endeavors in the tech industry.


Show Notes

(0:00) Introduction

(0:50) About Eyal and How He Started Apollo

(2:31) The Process of Building Apollo

(4:26) The Progression of Cybersecurity

(9:37) Cybersecurity Preventative Measures

(12:27) About Apollo’s Services

(19:06) About Apollo’s Core Team

(24:33) How Eyal Ventured into IT Services

(26:23) Exploring the Nature of Cybersecurity Threats

(41:30) Advice to Younger Self



Victoria Dickerson

Jeff Amerine

Harrison Kitson

Eyal Gallico

Apollo IT Services

cybersecurity 2024: hacker besser & internationaler dank ki


50% aller Unternehmen wurden bereits erfolgreich gehackt in den letzten drei Jahren. Viele wissen nicht, dass sie jetzt gerade ausgespäht werden. Cyberangriffe über Voice Cloning, Deepfakes und personalisierte Phishing-Mails nehmen begünstigt durch die dynamische Technologieentwicklung sowie unter Anwendung psychologischer Tricks rapide zu. Stellt sich die Frage, mit welchen Cybersicherheitsmaßnahmen Unternehmen sich und ihre Mitarbeitenden vor den derzeit und zukünftig größten Cyber-Bedrohungen und Hacking Trends schützen können. Fundierte Antworten darauf liefern die Gäste der siebten “Insight Talk” Folge: Niklas Hellemann – CEO der schnell wachsenden Cybersecurity-Plattform SoSafe – und Karsten Nohl – Ethical Hacker, Founder und Chief Scientist der Security Research Labs – im Gespräch mit Digitale Vorreiter:innen Host Christoph Burseg.

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SoSafe bietet Schulungen und Trainings zur Sensibilisierung von Mitarbeitern für Cybersecurity an. Website:

Karsten Nohl auf LinkedIn:

Security Research Labs sind auf die Erforschung von Sicherheitslücken und Schwachstellen in Technologie und Organisationen spezialisiert. Website:

Christoph auf LinkedIn:

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how clicking a single link can cost millions | ryan pullen

Is cybercrime getting easier? Cybersecurity expert Ryan Pullen dives into his work investigating massive digital breaches and testing security blindspots — which led to him gaining access to the software controls of a well-known building in London. Learn more about how cybercriminals exploit human vulnerabilities and hear the latest on how to recognize and protect yourself from scams.

you have been hacked with destiny young and the host francis

Any Individual or business owner knows the damage that can be caused by hacking. This extends beyond the theft of funds and potentially business-critical data to identity theft and fraudulent activities. Destiny Young, a CyberSecurity expert shares tips on how to protect yourself from hacking this Friday with the host, @Francis Onuk on Uyo’s Premium Radio Station @XL106.9FM