amazon’s jassy says generative ai boom will be built on aws

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Bloomberg News Technology and E-Commerce Reporter Spencer Soper provides the details of Amazon CEO Andy Jassy’s annual letter to shareholders outlining how the company’s cloud infrastructure will become an essential part of the generative artificial intelligence boom. Louise Phillips Forbes, Agent at Brown Harris Stevens, breaks down the New York City real estate market. Roberta Goss, Head of the Bank Loan and CLO Platform at Pretium, discusses the private credit outlook. And we Drive to the Close with with Kathy Jones, Chief Fixed Income Strategist at Schwab Center for Financial Research.
Hosts: Carol Massar and Tim Stenovec. Producer: Paul Brennan.

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broadcasting live from smarshconnect event

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Steve Marsh, Chairman and Founder at Smarsh, discusses the regulatory landscape for businesses. John Kain, Head of Financial Services Market Development at AWS, talks about trends in technology adoption in the financial services industry. Brandon Carl, EVP of AI & Product Strategy at Smarsh, shares his thoughts on the intersection of AI and finance. Rob Mara, Principal, Risk & Regulatory Compliance Tech at EY, discusses how technology is impacting the compliance industry. Tom Padget, President of Enterprise Business at Smarsh, talks about the future of compliance.
Hosts: Carol Massar and Tim Stenovec. Producer: Paul Brennan. 

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#662: aws news updates, april 2024 #1

Jillian and Shruti take you though all the latest and greatest AWS news. Chapters: 00:34 Analytics; 02:20 Application Integration; 03:09 Business Applications; 03:45 Compute; 06:20 Cost Management; 08:42 Databases; 10:14 Developer Tools; 11:16 Machine Learning; 12:25 Management & Governance; 14:21 Media Services; 15:09 Networking & Content Delivery; 15:46 Security, Identity & Compliance.

#660: aws news updates, march 2024 #2

A short yet sweet set of updates with lots of “quality of life” improvements to take advantage of!
00:27 AWS Marketplace
00:59 Analytics
01:18 Compute
03:31 Customer Engagement
04:39 Databases
06:18 Developer Tools
08:07 End User Computing
08:29 Machine Learning
10:12 Management & Governance
11:44 Networking & Content Delivery
12:41 Storage

#657: aws news updates, march 2024 #1

Simon, Jillian, and Shruti take you though all the latest and greatest news!
00:36 Analytics
02:24 Application Integration
03:49 Compute
06:59 Customer Engagement
07:36 Databases
12:35 Developer Tools
13:28 End User Computing
14:18 Front End Web & Mobile
14:35 Machine Learning
20:13 Management & Governance
22:25 Migration & Transfer
23:19 Networking & Content Delivery
24:55 Security, Identity, & Compliance

#654: aws news updates, february 2024 #2

Join Simon and Jillian for all the latest-and-greatest updates! Chapters: 00:45 AWS Marketplace
01:24 Analytics
05:41 Application Integration
07:08 Blockchain
07:50 Business Applications
07:59 Compute
10:02 Databases
11:12 Developer Tools
13:43 Front End Web & Mobile
14:15 Internet of Things
14:28 Machine Learning
15:26 Management & Governance
17:27 Media Services
18:05 Migration & Transfer
18:44 Networking & Content Delivery
19:14 Security, Identity, & Compliance

#653: solving today’s biggest challenges in energy transitio

Today, we present the first episode of a new three-part series devoted to the energy industry. We’ll dig into the latest advancements, trends, and challenges shaping the energy landscape and discuss how AWS is supporting our customers in the current energy environment.

Join us and our AWS Energy Leaders as we uncover the stories behind what is really happening in the energy industry.