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Welcome to this episode of "AI Lawyer Talking Tech," where we explore the dynamic intersection of technology, law, and innovation. Today, we delve into the profound impact of artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies on the legal profession. From AI-driven drafting tools and legal research platforms to the latest regulatory challenges and sustainability trends, we uncover how these advancements are reshaping legal workflows, client relations, and compliance frameworks. Join us as we navigate the evolving landscape, featuring expert insights and the latest findings that are defining the future of law in a tech-driven world.

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solving human resource and client services challenges with a

Today’s guest is Bill Armstrong, Chief Innovation Officer at Moss Adams. Moss Adams is one of the 15 largest public accounting firms in the US, providing accounting, tax, and consulting services to public and private middle-market enterprises across industries. Bill joins Emerj Senior Editor Matthew DeMello on today’s program to discuss the impact of AI on hiring practices and what the future of human resources departments will look like as these technologies become more commonplace in every kind of enterprise. To discover more AI use cases, best practice guides, white papers, frameworks, and more, join Emerj Plus at emerj.com/p1.

gebr. heinemann-ceo max heinemann (#690)


Jede*r kennt die Flughafen-Shops mit Zigaretten, Parfüm und Riesen-Toblerone. Max Heinemann ist Spross der Familie, die seit Jahrzehnten viele dieser Läden sowie Luxus-Boutiquen an Airports betreibt. Aber nicht nur die. Gebr. Heinemann ist auch in der Belieferung von Fluggesellschaften und Kreuzfahrtanbietern ein Global Player mit fast 4 Milliarden Euro Jahresumsatz. Im OMR Podcast erzählt der CEO in fünfter Generation von den besonderen Herausforderungen des Travel-Retail-Business, Geschäften mit Luxusmarken und innovativen Delivery-Ansätzen.

Die Themen des Podcasts mit Max Heinemann:

  • (00:00:00) „Praktikum auf Speed“ im Familienunternehmen nach dem Abi
  • (00:07:22) der Weg vom GroĂźhändler zum Flughafen-Retail-Spezialisten
  • (00:15:20) Konkurrenz im Bereich Airport Retail
  • (00:20:00) der Wandel von Duty Free zum „Travel Value“-Konzept
  • (00:24:54) Ausschreibungen und Tender-Praxis im Airport Retail
  • (00:28:36) Auswirkungen von Streiks auf das Geschäft
  • (00:30:39) die Bedeutung der Architektur der Shops
  • (00:34:49) Bestseller, neue Produktkategorien, Eigenmarken
  • (00:04:03) Flughäfen, die er gerne fĂĽr Gebr. Heinemann erschlieĂźen wĂĽrde
  • (00:43:58) Bedeutung von Regionalflughäfen im Portfolio
  • (00:44:54) Profite, Marketing und Wachstumsmärkte
  • (00:53:41) Kreuzfahrtgeschäft und Grenzshops
  • (00:57:11) warum Gebr. Heinemann keine Bahnhöfe bedient
  • (00:59:16) Koop mit Highsnobiety und Luxussortimente
  • (01:03:54) Joint Ventures, Geopolitik und Ausstieg aus Märkten
  • (01:10:47) Flugscham und das Ziel Klimaneutralität
  • (01:18:16) Nachfolge innerhalb eines Familienunternehmens
  • (01:24:41) KI und Digitalisierung des Geschäftsmodells
  • (01:27:09) eigener Wein als Startup-Inkubator-Projekt
  • (01:31:54) externe Investoren vs. Vorteile des Familienunternehmens
  • (01:36:33) Wachstumsfeld Digitalisierung und Heinemanns Investments

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chris skinner

This podcast episode was recorded onsite at JEC World.

The Chemistry of Composites: Driving Industry Evolution

Chris Skinner’s transformation from a chemist to a visionary leader in strategic marketing at Owens Corning is a tale of the composites industry‘s evolution.

“We’re at the forefront of merging material science with market demands, a testament to our dedication to innovation in composite materials,” he states.

This integration of science into commercial success embodies the progress and adaptability at the heart of the composites industry.

Collaborative Innovation: Revolutionizing R&D in the Composites Industry

The research and development landscape in the composite industry is undergoing a significant transformation. “The era of solo achievements is evolving into a time of collaborative efforts,” Chris Skinner notes.

He emphasizes that in this industry, success hinges on merging diverse talents to drive innovation. This evolution highlights a crucial trend: teamwork is becoming increasingly indispensable for advancing composite technology trends and material conversion strategies.

The Startup Booster: Igniting Innovation in Composite Materials

The Startup Booster Competition in JEC world stands as a testament to Owens Corning’s commitment to innovation. It’s not merely a contest; it’s a visionary platform where emerging technologies gain momentum.

“We’re crafting an ecosystem ripe for transformation,” Skinner asserts, “where cutting-edge ideas meet opportunity and scalable solutions emerge.”

The Pink Panther Effect: Strategic Branding in Composite Materials

Opting to color Owens Corning’s fiberglass pink and aligning it with the Pink Panther wasn’t just about looks.

Skinner explains, “We’ve crafted a story that changes how customers interact with our products. This move has made them not only noticeable but also more engaging and memorable.”

He highlights how this approach isn’t just branding ; it’s storytelling that resonates emotionally with users, adding a unique and lasting impact.

This strategy shows the effective use of narrative in creating a deep, lasting connection with customers.

Effective Branding in the Composite Industry: The Power of Now

Skinner highlights a crucial shift in marketing philosophy—focusing on the present benefits that resonate with consumers.

“We’re living in a time when the immediate application and advantage of a product take precedence,” he says. Skinner encourages a marketing approach that emphasizes instant satisfaction, thus fostering an immediate connection between the product and its user.

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