apple robots, apple anniversaries, and the good and bad of s

The Apple Car is gone but instead Apple is said to be working on robots. It’s all a long way from Apple’s origins this week in 1976, and even quite a long way from the original iPad which in 2010 was the last product announced by Steve Jobs.

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Apple Robotics


Apple Vision Pro

Destroying the web as a service

Arc promises to “browse for you” by eliminating the middle man and present information directly to you. The company doesn’t have a business model or a way to make money. It just scrapes data from websites and presents it to users.


  • (00:00) – Intro
  • (00:44) – Getting down with Apple Services
  • (03:30) – Robots
  • (16:40) – Losing digital films
  • (19:54) – Apple anniversary
  • (22:42) – Pirates of Silicon Valley
  • (27:40) – iPad anniversary
  • (39:45) – Apple Vision Pro
  • (52:27) – Where is the Apple Vision Pro content?
  • (57:45) – Spatial personas
  • (01:02:55) – Arc The Browser Company
  • (01:16:25) – Outro

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apple and google in talks to add gemini to iphone

In this episode, we delve into the intriguing discussions between tech giants Apple and Google as they consider integrating Gemini AI into the iPhone ecosystem. Join us as we explore the potential implications of this partnership and its impact on the future of AI-enabled devices.

doj, epic games, eu, and no ipads just yet on the appleinsid

Apple is underfire from the DOJ, the EU and Epic Games, plus there’s no new IPad yet and solely for subscribers, but it sounds as if there is a lot to look forward to with forthcoming AirPods and maybe AirPods Max.

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Regulation everywhere

Apple Vision Pro audio compare

ShiftCam LensUltra review

Is 128GB “lots of storage”


Apple’s AI plans

Where are the new iPads?


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  • (00:00) – Intro
  • (01:46) – DOJ
  • (18:38) – Epic Games
  • (26:22) – EU
  • (31:22) – Audio comparison
  • (38:48) – Spatial Audio
  • (42:46) – HomePods
  • (45:24) – External lenses
  • (5…

wait, apple is putting google gemini ai on iphones?!

Apple is negotiating with Google to integrate Gemini AI into iPhone features, signaling a major strategy shift for the tech giant. Plus Nvidia’s GTC conference kicks off.

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