living in the healthiest place on earth – the farm at okefen

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In Wolf’s Clothing:¬†
The Farm at Okefenokee: 
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0:00 РWiM Intro 

2:18 – Helping Lightning Startups with In Wolf’s Clothing¬†

3:10 РIntroducing the Farm at Oke 

13:28 РWhat is the Farm at Oke? 

15:34 РLiving Quarters 

21:18 РRegenerative Agriculture 

31:38 РThe Farm at Okefenokee 

33:04 РHeart and Soil Supplements 

34:05 РHunting on the Farm 

46:14 РActivities on the Farm 

51:38 РThe Healthiest Community on Earth 

01:08:22 РCommercial Kitchen and Event Space 

01:10:43 РSwan Bitcoin: Set up Instant and Recurring Bitcoin Buys 

01:11:40 РBitcoin 2024: The Largest Bitcoin and Fintech Conference in the World 

01:12:46 РWhat Comes With Being A Farm Owner? 

01:16:42 РDetoxing From Modern Society 

01:25:47 РUpcoming Retreat at the Farm 

01:32:06 РWho Are Buying Cabins on the Farm? 

01:35:12 РBecoming a Member at the Farm and Cabin Options 

01:38:48 – Recent Changes at the Farm

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transitioning from gymnast to investor with aly raisman

Former gymnast and current investor Aly Raisman joins general partner Julie Yoo and investment partner Daisy Wolf of a16z Bio + Health.

In this episode, Aly Raisman shares her quest for healthier living‚ÄĒphysically, mentally, and financially‚ÄĒon her journey from gymnast to a business investor. Having transitioned from an intensely structured routine, Aly emphasizes the need for more open conversations about mental health and financial literacy. She speaks passionately about the gap in women‚Äôs health solutions and hopes to inspire entrepreneurs to create impactful businesses. Aly‚Äôs experiences as a patient, survivor, and global figure adds a unique dimension to her perspective as an investor. This candid conversation with Aly and Julie Yoo sheds light on Aly‚Äôs passion for more education within the investment space, offering invaluable insights for entrepreneurs, particularly in biotech and healthcare.



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the biohacker’s guide to total health: gary brecka on gut, b

Rob explores the world of health and wellness with Gary Brecka, a human biologist and biohacker. Brecka challenges conventional wisdom about health, disease, and longevity, offering groundbreaking insights into nutrient deficiencies, mental health, and the power of purpose. From cold plunges to catecholamines, this episode is full of advice that could revolutionise your approach to health and life!

Gary Brecka Reveals:

  • Many diseases are actually expressions of nutrient deficiencies rather than illnesses
  • The real cause of anxiety
  • How to treat anxiety
  • The benefits of cold plunging
  • Why a sedentary lifestyle is the “new smoking.”
  • How the emotional centre of the brain influences memory recall and future perspectives, emphasising the importance of maintaining positive emotional states
  • How he would combat the current mental health crisis


“If you want to shrink your problems, you grow your purpose.”

“We are not as sick or as pathological as we think we are. We are nutrient deficient.”

“Sitting is absolutely the new smoking. Sedentary lifestyle is the leading cause of all cause mortality.”

“Your current emotional state determines your future. So if you don’t learn to master your emotional state, you will never control your future.”

“I refuse to take painkillers because I just think it’s weak and I don’t think it’s… I’m against the kind of concept of it. Right. But also the pain is the intuition. It’s the feedback from the body that something is wrong.”


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Rob Moore is an author of 9 business books, 5 UK bestsellers, holds 3 world records for public speaking, entrepreneur, property investor, and property educator. Author of the global bestseller ‚ÄúLife Leverage‚ÄĚ Host of UK‚Äôs No.1 business podcast ‚ÄúThe Disruptive Entrepreneur‚ÄĚ

‚ÄúIf you don’t risk anything, you risk everything‚ÄĚ



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moment 168: stop doing this! it’s killing your sleep!: the f

You might have heard the phrase ‚Äėcircadian rhythm‚Äô a lot but never really understood what it meant. In this moment, world-renowned human performance expert, Kristen Holmes gives a simple break down of this rhythm and its massive impacts. Kirsten says that the circadian rhythm is basically physical, mental and behavioral changes that happen over a 24 hour cycle. All of these changes are controlled by a master clock in your brain regulating every cell in your body through chemical signals. Disrupting this rhythm can cause massive health consequence such as cancer, metabolic and cardiovascular disease, as well as mental health issues. The main cause of disruption is from light which confuses the brain‚Äôs master clock, this means that you often have to fight aspects of modern life and make sure you protect your sleep by controlling your home environment

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