s2 ep9: robots that flip, pausing ai, and ai for all?

AI for Creatives is a podcast by Creatives for Creatives connecting art, innovation, and humanity.
Segment 1: Nova and Kamilah discuss Kamilah’s recent work helping founders and small businesses with strategy and avoiding burnout. Nova talks about her upcoming book aimed at increasing creativity, well-being, and wealth in the AI age.
Segment 2: Kamilah and Nova discuss a humanoid robot from Unitree that can perform back-flips, showcasing the increasing dexterity and agility of robots. This leads to a conversation about the need for AI alignment to ensure human preservation as robots become more advanced.
Segment 3: The topic shifts to AI in healthcare, specifically nursing agents that could provide initial triage and basic care, increasing access in underserved areas. However, there are concerns about corporations potentially replacing human nurses with cheaper AI agents.
Segment 4: An article excerpt mentions the CEO of Stability AI stepping down to work on decentralized AI, aiming to distribute the power and control currently concentrated with big tech firms developing centralized AI models.
Segment 5: Kamilah and Nova discuss the benefits of decentralized AI built on blockchain, including increased privacy, reduced bias, and giving users more control over their data compared to centralized AI systems.
Segment 6: Nova and Kamilah discuss statements from tech leaders like Elon Musk and Microsoft’s CEO about potentially needing to pause AI development within 5 years due to safety and ethical concerns. However, the rapid pace of current AI breakthroughs raises doubts about realistically implementing such a pause.
Conclusion: Ultimately, Nova and Kamilah conclude by acknowledging the accelerating AI developments and their desire to help guide its positive trajectory while being transparent about potential pitfalls. They encourage listeners to engage on the topic.

Kamilah on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kamilahsanders/
Nova on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/novalorraine/

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234: bringing robots to life | abhinav das(ceo, orangewood l

In this captivating interview, Abhinav Das, the Co-founder and CEO of Orangewood labs shares his entrepreneurial journey, spanning multiple startups and groundbreaking innovations. From collaborating with co-founders to revolutionizing Indian manufacturing, Abhinav’s insights inspire and inform. He discusses commercialization strategies, staying innovative, and imparts valuable advice for new founders. Join us as we delve into the challenges and triumphs of building startups, navigating complexities of building in the Robotics space.

00:00 Intro
01:45 The start of Abhinav’s journey 
15:14 Post Ahmedabad 
20:54 Meeting his co-founders
23:40 Complexities of working with CNC machines 
25:40 Building robotic arms
28:05 The 2nd startup
33:12 Going from Idea to product to company 
39:02 Improving India’s manufacturing 
42:04 Commercialising your products 
44:29 Staying innovative 
49:44 What’s next for orangewood?
51:31 Advice for new founders 
52:40 Books and podcast recommendations


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373: tiny home of the future with daizhan ennals


On this episode of Startup Junkies, hosts Daniel Koonce, Claudia Scott, and Harrison Kitson sit down with Daizhan Ennals, the CEO and founder of Renewed Robotics, a manufacturer leveraging robotics and technology to help people become more resource independent. Born in Cambridge, Maryland, Daizhan dedicated five years of service to the United States Marine Corps. where he developed expertise as a mechanic, inspiring him to delve into the rigorous world of mechanical engineering. Throughout the conversation, Daizhan shares his entrepreneurial journey, explains Renewed Robotics Self-Assembling Municipality (S.A.M.) device, and lays out his plan to help end homelessness and home insecurity.


Show Notes

(0:47) Introducing Daizhan

(1:48) About Renewed Robotics

(3:14) Developing the Self-Assembling Municipality (S.A.M.)

(4:30) The Intent behind Renewed Robotics Tiny Home

(5:30) How the S.A.M. Device Works

(7:29) The Research behind the S.A.M. Device

(10:04) Daizhan’s Entrepreneurial Journey

(12:54) Renewed Robotics’ Project Timelines

(15:42) Renewed Robotics’ Ideal Customer

(18:31) The Future of Renewed Robotics’ Manufacturing

(19:36) About the S.A.M. Referral Program

(23:27) The Challenges of Business Ownership

(25:42) Achieving Sustainable Drinking Water

(29:02) Daizhan’s Motivation behind Helping Others

(32:20) Advice to Younger Self



Daniel Koonce

Claudia Scott

Harrison Kitson

Daizhan Ennals

Renewed Robotics



“[The S.A.M.] will be a self-assembling and self-sustaining tiny home that can not only dig its own foundation, but unfold on its own and have solar panels on the outside to power the onboard battery bank, HVAC lights, water filtration system, and everything else. It will ideally be used for people who don’t have access to luxury, first-world amenities, so it can bring everyone up to speed with one device.” – Daizhan Ennals, (2:10)

“These technologies that are going into the S.A.M. are being developed and promoted independently. There’s just no one gluing them together. And that’s what Renewed Robotics is doing, we’re more of a technology integrator, not necessarily a technology inventor.” – Daizhan Ennals, (8:03)

“One of the most difficult parts of founding such a capital intensive product is getting a lot of people to actually understand the full scope of what you’re doing and then having faith that you can execute on that.” – Daizhan Ennals, (10:19)

“The referral program is to incentivize those who have already placed a pre-order. Right now, a lot of people who are interested in the device have been advocating for free, telling people about the device, but it would be even better if we could reward those people who are spreading the word about the S.A.M.” – Daizhan Ennals, (19:37)

“Currently, my number one need is actually being met, and that is, there’s a collaborative space being built in Bentonville where you can have an idea go from concept to reality.” – Daizhan Ennals, (22:00)

“I think one of the bigger things that people don’t really talk about when it comes to sustainability, that maybe we should approach going into the future, not only is electricity, but access to clean and healthy drinking water.” – Daizhan Ennals, (25:56)

“The aspiration of everybody being united for one force and solving our problems by focusing on something bigger has always been a driving factor…I would like to focus on making something that no matter how you look at it makes sense that it’s there for good.” – Daizhan Ennals, (30:10)

#412 marc raibert: boston dynamics and the future of robot

Marc Raibert is founder and former long-time CEO of Boston Dynamics, and recently Executive Director of the newly-created Boston Dynamics AI Institute. Please support this podcast by checking out our sponsors:
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Here’s the timestamps for the episode. On some podcast players you should be able to click the timestamp to jump to that time.
(00:00) – Introduction
(10:12) – Early robots
(15:15) – Legged robots
(33:55) – Boston Dynamics
(37:13) – BigDog
(45:20) – Hydraulic actuation
(47:12) – Natural movement
(52:59) – Leg Lab
(59:51) – AI Institute
(1:03:09) – Athletic intelligence
(1:11:04) – Building a team
(1:14:05) – Videos
(1:21:53) – Engineering
(1:25:21) – Dancing robots
(1:30:08) – Hiring
(1:34:00) – Optimus robot
(1:42:30) – Future of robotics
(1:47:24) – Advice for young people

enzo walchli: verkaufen, anybotics, autonome roboter (#37)

„Nur weil Du gut mit Menschen kannst bist Du noch kein guter Verkäufer“, sagt Enzo Wälchli.

Er muss es wissen. Nach dem Studium in St.Gallen und gut 10 Jahren in Corporates (Sulzer, Hilti) entschied er sich 2021 zum Einstieg ins Robotics Scaleup ANYbotics.

Als Chief Commercial Officer verantwortet er Marketing & Sales des mit über 80. Mio USD gefundeten Schweizer Roboter-Pioniers.

Im Podcast verrät er

➡️ Warum er als Jugendlicher von einem Internet-Wettbewerb zu Unrecht disqualifiziert wurde.

➡️ Wie im Startup „im“ und „am“ Unternehmen arbeiten gleichzeitig funktioniert und

➡️ Wie „Werte“ bei HILTI nicht nur an den Wänden hängen, sondern echten Business Impact haben



(00:00:00) Intro

(00:01:20) 1. Ich bin Enzo

(00:02:47) 2. 10 schnelle Fragen

(00:03:41) 3. Werdegang

(00:07:05) 4. BWL-Studium und Unternehmer werden

(00:09:23) 5. Erste Verkaufserfahrungen

(00:13:46) 6. Gründen vs. Konzern

(00:16:35) 7. So funktioniert Wirtschaft

(00:19:27) 8. Vom Verkäufer zum Teamleiter

(00:24:53) 9. Eigenschaften einer guten Führungskraft

(00:27:45) 10. Learnings bei Hilti Schweiz

(00:30:39) 11. Neuanfang im Startup

(00:35:20) 12. Anfänge von ANYbotics

(00:38:14) 13. Krasser Wechsel

(00:41:27) 14. Die 1. Woche im Startup

(00:43:28) 15. Was kostet ein Roboter?

(00:45:51) 16. Roboter im Einsatz

(00:49:34) 17. Zukunftsperspektive und Investoren

(00:52:48) 18. Technologietrends

(00:56:04) 19. Gamechanger

(00:59:12) 20. Teuflische und himmlische Fragen

(01:04:07) Outro


Mehr über Enzo:

– LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ewaelchli/


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➡️ Pascal Bieri: Planted, +100M Funding, Protein aus Pflanzen, Wachstumshebel (#36)

➡️ Simon Kreuz: Gründen im Silicon Valley, US-Investoren, Mentalität, Shippo, SaaS (#13)


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