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-Introducing Femi Longe

-What is bitcoin? 

РWhat is money? Value & problem solving 

РWhat is the relationship between money & commodities like gold? 

РIs bitcoin a commodity, is bitcoin money? 

 РScarcity of commodity 

РBitcoin as a store of value vs bitcoin as a medium of exchange 

РMoney flows 

РSmaug & hoarding value 

РThe danger of centralization of bitcoin 

– Moving gold, bank debt & centralization

РJuggernaut investors in bitcoin 

РThe obsessive world of fiat 

РBitcoin solves real problems in business 

РHow do we make bitcoin mainstream? 

РMitigating the challenge of inflation 

-Empowering traders in Africa 

– Is bitcoin the Philosopher’s Stone? Can it fight tyranny?

 РWhere to find Femi Longe on the Internet 


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momentous – jeff byers

Momentous. Listen as we talk about how they are constantly raising the bar to deliver the best products and how they have built the most dynamic and advanced network of experts in the field of human performance. Momentous products are the result of work with some of the brightest minds in human performance, including Dr. Andrew Huberman, using the latest research. They use the highest-quality ingredients, and every single product is rigorously tested by independent third parties to ensure they deliver their promise to bring you the best.

In this episode you’ll learn:

ūüŹą How Jeff‚Äôs NFL experience gave him access to the best knowledge and innovation available. ¬†ūüí§ The importance of increasing your quality of sleep. ūüí§ How Momentous is advocating for long term brain health.

20vc: flexport’s ryan petersen: reflections on leadership fr

Ryan Petersen is Founder & CEO @ Flexport, a leader in global supply chain technology. In 2022, Flexport moved more than $26 billion of merchandise. Over the last 10 years, Ryan has raised close to $2.5BN for the business with the latest valuation pegging the business at $8BN. Prior to starting Flexport, Ryan was the founder and CEO of ImportGenius, a premier provider of transaction data for the global trade industry.

In Today’s Episode with Ryan Petersen We Discuss:

1. The Origins of a Generational Defining Leader:

  • What did Ryan want to be when he was growing up?
  • How did scooters and motorbikes in China lead to the idea for Flexport?
  • What does Ryan know now that he wishes he had known when he started Flexport?

2. Speed and Money: The Secrets To Execution:

  • Does Ryan believe speed is key to execution? What is the difference between speed and velocity?
  • What advice does Ryan have to founders who raise a lot of money? How should it impact hiring?
  • What are the most common ways founders become inefficient post-fundraising?
  • Why does Ryan look to invest in founders with jaded pasts and a chip on their shoulder?

3. The Art of Resource Allocation:

  • Are the best CEOs the best resource allocators?
  • What is the single best resource allocation Ryan has made? What did he learn?
  • What is the worst? What did he learn?
  • What have been Ryan’s biggest hiring mistakes? How did that change his approach?

4. The Wider World:

  • Is Ryan long or short on China? Why?
  • Will we see global trade become nationalized? Why?
  • Will we see interest rates raised further? What impact does that have on trade?
  • What has been the impact of war on trade and the shipping industry?

5. Ryan Petersen: The Father and Husband:

  • How has having kids changed how Ryan approaches leadership and management?
  • How does Ryan juggle 2 young kids and leading a 2,500 person company?
  • How does Ryan retain romance with his wife while also being a full-on CEO of a large co?
  • Does money make you happy? What does it help with? What does it not help with?

entrepreneur state of mind, a shopify miniseries

Shopify On Location is back on the road again, this time to share valuable insights from some of the most notable founders and industry experts in New York City. 

We’ll dive into things like designing the right products to the ideal way of communicating with your customers. 

Join hosts Benjamin Gottlieb and Shuang Esther Shan each Thursday for the next few months for Shopify On Location from New York City. 

If you’re a fan of these stories and would like to hear more in-person interviews – make sure to subscribe and leave a review wherever you get your podcasts.¬†

For full catalog of episodes, check out Shopify Masters here: https://www.shopify.com/blog/topics/podcasts

488. one tip to niching down your offer

Your past may behold clues about your future offers, products, and services…

It’s true! 

On this episode of the 100X podcast, Pedro Adao shares with one of our 100X family members how he went through his old customer list and how it led him to more clarity on his offer! 

Now more people are getting breakthroughs because he was willing to niche down.

How can you apply this idea to your business? Hit play to find out! 

Connect with Pedro:

Want more 100X? Follow Pedro on Instagram @PedroMAdao, like us on Facebook 100x, or go to www.100xacademy.com

Want to know more about challenges? Go to challengesecrets.com

apple event information

Today we are going to talk about the new Apple event called “Peak Performance” I wonder what that means? We are going to talk about the rumored products we might see there tomorrow. 

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