could psychedelics help patients in therapy? | benjamin lewi

It’s time to make psychiatry more psychedelic, says psychiatrist Benjamin Lewis. Sharing results from his clinical trial on psychedelic-assisted therapy, he highlights how group therapy paired with the safe use of psilocybin, a compound found in magic mushrooms, has the potential to improve mental health conditions like depression and burnout.

founding the super-human olympics – christian angermayer

The first time Christian Angermayer took psychedelics in 2014, it changed the trajectory of his life. Nearly a decade later, he has become one of the most influential voices in the world of biotech, crypto, and anti-aging. People look to him for guidance on the next big thing, they invest in his ventures hoping to be a part of something groundbreaking, and they listen to his bold ideas about pushing the boundaries of human potential. 

It is not hyperbole to say that Christian Angermayer is one of the most visionary entrepreneurs of our time.

Christian’s approach to business and life is supposedly about embracing the controversial, but that’s what makes it so compelling. Everyone can relate to the desire to challenge the status quo. Everyone knows the feeling when society tells you something is impossible or off-limits, but you want to pursue it anyway. Everyone can relate to the drive to optimize and enhance our bodies and minds. If you don’t feel inspired by Christian’s vision, you might be playing it too safe.

But I bet you won’t find it surprising that some of Christian’s ventures—like his advocacy for psychedelics or his new sports competition allowing performance-enhancing drugs—are met with skepticism and pushback. 

But as Christian has spent years pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, he has never wavered in his conviction.

In this conversation, Christian challenges us to question our assumption and to embrace the unconventional.


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will weisman — kittyhawk ventures

Can you live to be 150!? Our podcast guest Will Weisman thinks so! Explore the realm where future tech intertwines with the quest for immortality.

From his start as a couch-surfing entrepreneur to Executive Director of Singularity University to founder of KittyHawk Ventures. Predicting a world where immortality is possible, this episode dives into the cutting edge of longevity, the power of psychedelics, and reimagining our lifetimes. Tune in for an inspiring journey into tomorrow!

psychedelics in silicon valley, and restrictions on ai chip

Donald Trump may soon return to Twitter, new F1 team owners, and Wheel of Fortune’s Vanna White wants a raise. Then, psychedelics have a hold on tech industry culture, and the US is considering restrictions on exports of AI chip to China. Plus, a listener question on how local governments can retain talent.
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#327: psychedelic law & the use of ketamine with hilary bric


Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love for humanity.” – Hippocrates


Jason A. Duprat, MBA, CRNA, Healthcare Practitioner, and Host of the Healthcare Boss Academy podcast, talks with Hilary Bricken, Partner and Attorney, and Ethan Minkin, Attorney with Harris Bricken, an international law firm. Hilary and Ethan discuss the legalities of psychedelics and ketamine. They also highlight the value of entrepreneurship for moving psychedelic efficacy and advocacy forward.  



  • Ethan started his law career in 1999 with an interest in healthcare regulatory work, litigation, and transaction. He joined Harris Bricken 1.5 years ago with a focus on psychedelics. 
  • Hilary is a partner at Harris Bricken, and her expertise is in controlled substances regulation, legal reform, and policy reform.
  • Psychedelics and ketamine have a potentially broader reach if regulations are relaxed.
  • The path of entrepreneurship is critical for building a full suite of services for psychedelics. 
  • Hilary and Ethan are proponents of off-label ketamine because it’s innovative, guarantees an income stream, and is advantageous over its traditional use.
  • Controlled substances can be prescribed through telemedicine under certain circumstances. Ketamine should be part of a treatment plan and not a one-stop option. Therapists and psychologists should be involved in a patient’s care plan. 
  • In the last three years, many clinics have added mental health therapy as part of their provider services. Combining ketamine and concierge care is possible as long as it’s compliant with laws and regulations.
  • False advertising is penalized under consumer protection laws, so credible studies must be cited in the literature. 



  • “A first-mover advantage is a thing, but if it’s ketamine, you’re dealing with a very antiquated, heavily regulated, extremely consequential system, so proceed accordingly.” – Hilary Bricken
  • “If you’re treating someone for a mental health issue, make sure they’re also seeing a therapist or a psychologist, and not just getting ketamine and being sent on their way.”    – Ethan Minkin



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folge 226 mit bas kast: wie wir unsere seele starken konnen


Alltagsstress, Krisen, Katastrophen, Ängste und chronische Erschöpfung: Unser psychisches Wohlbefinden wird immer wieder auf eine harte Probe gestellt. Was können wir tun, um zurück zur inneren Balance zu finden? Ein Bad in einem zugefrorenen See, ein Gang in die Sauna, gesundes Essen, ausreichend viel Schlaf – das mag banal klingen, funktioniert aber trotzdem. Und es sind bei weitem nicht die einzigen Methoden. Wie schafft man es, das innere Gedankenkarussell anzuhalten? Was haben Fast Food und Depressionen gemeinsam? Welche Lebensmittel und Ernährungsweisen können helfen und warum?

Das weiß Bas Kast, Journalist und Bestseller Autor. Sein Buch „Der Ernährungskompass” verkaufte sich über eine Million Mal in über 20 Sprachen. Nun hat er ein neues Buch geschrieben: „Kompass für die Seele”. Darin beschreibt Bas Kast, was die Seele stark macht – von Naturerfahrung bis hin zu Psychedelika. Zehn wissenschaftlich fundierte und von ihm selbst erprobte Strategien helfen beim Finden von Ruhe und Gleichgewicht.

Wie alltagstauglich sind diese Empfehlungen? Wie ist es Bas Kast beim Selbstversuch mit MDMA ergangen? Welche Erkenntnisse und Erfahrungen konnte er mitnehmen? Welche Praktiken sind Mythen und an welchen ist wirklich etwas dran?

Eine Folge für alle, die wissen möchten, wie sie den inneren und äußeren Stress überwinden können, den das hoch verdichtete Berufsleben ihnen aufbürdet. Und die gern über mehr Energie und Ausgeglichenheit verfügten, um ihr Potenzial auszuschöpfen.

Ihnen hat die Folge gefallen? Sie haben Feedback oder Verbesserungsvorschläge? Dann schreiben Sie uns gerne an Wir freuen uns über Post von Ihnen.

hype um psychedelika – sollten ceos magic mushrooms nutzen?

Börsenstar Christian Christian Angermayer investiert in Psychedelika wie Psilocybin – und nutzt diese um seine eigene Innovationskraft zu steigern. 

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Musik: Constantin Müller 


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