the complexities of saas billing

Thinking of taking your software global but worried about navigating different markets and regulations?

We’ve got you covered!

Join Matt Watson as he explores the world of SaaS in Sweden with Nicholas Lilja, the founder and CEO of Younium, a billing and subscription management platform.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • The unique challenges and opportunities of launching a SaaS company in Sweden (hint: it’s not all about Vikings!)
  • How to scale down to scale up – practical strategies for conquering the European market, one country at a time.
  • The secrets to mastering the art of billing and pricing for SaaS companies, from navigating cultural communication styles to mastering B2B complexities.
  • Why focusing on a laser-sharp Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) is the key to unlocking explosive growth.

Get ready to unlock valuable insights on everything from navigating regulations to cultural nuances, and discover how to build a thriving SaaS business on the European stage!



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Highlighted Discussion Points

  • Starting a SaaS company in Sweden, with insights on the market and regulatory challenges. 0:31
  • Scaling down target markets and expanding internationally, with insights on business culture and communication differences between the US and Europe. 5:24
  • Billing and pricing strategies for software companies. 12:47
  • Billing and revenue recognition for SaaS companies, with emphasis on the importance of accurate data and staying focused on ICP. 18:56
  • Billing and pricing strategies for SaaS companies. 22:51
  • Pricing strategies for enterprise software companies. 28:39

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