omr classic mit shopify-grunder tobias lutke

Der deutsche GrĂĽnder ĂĽber den Aufbau des Shop-System-Anbieters Shopify

Tobias Lütkes Lebenslauf ist eine dieser Self-Made-Geschichten, wie man sie eigentlich eher aus Filmen kennt: in Koblenz aufgewachsen, früh angefangen, zu programmieren, die Schule nach der 10. Klasse verlassen und eine Informatiker-Ausbildung bei einer Tochterfirma von Siemens-Nixdorf absolviert. Anfang der 2000er wird Shopify gegründet, 2006 bringen die Gründer ihr Produkt auf den Markt. Zum Zeitpunkt der Aufnahme ist Shopify 119 Miliarden US-Dollar wert. Mit Philipp Westermeyer spricht der damals 39-Jährige über seine Unternehmerkarriere und seine Vision mit Shopify.

Die Folge mit Tobias Lütke ist ursprünglich im Juli 2020 erschienen. Für unsere Serie “OMR Classics” haben wir sie nun neu aufgelegt, weil wir glauben, dass sie noch immer relevant für Euch sein könnte. Viel Spaß beim Hören!

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snowboards, software, and scaling (with shopify ceo)

with @tobi  @bhorowitz

Welcome to the web3 with a16z podcast. Today’s episode features a conversation between Tobias LĂĽtke, CEO and cofounder of the ecommerce platform Shopify, and Ben Horowitz, cofounder of a16z, which took place at our second annual Founders Summit in November. They discuss what it takes to build a breakout startup in a crowded category; the changing face of retail; how to effect change in the workplace; and how to handle individual emotions and corporate culture — including dealing with calls for activism as well as the value of embracing negativity. They also touch on the moral imperative behind creating quality software, the symbiosis between AI and crypto, and more.

As a reminder, none of the following should be taken as business, legal, tax, or investment advice. Please see for more important information, including a link to a list of our investments.

20product: why process is killing your product team and how

Jean-Michel Lemieux is one of the OGs of engineering and product having been the CTO at Shopify and the VP Engineering at Atlassian. Jean-Michel helped grow both Shopify and Atlassian from single-product to multi-product companies and led the building of their platforms. 

In Today’s Episode with Jean-Michel Lemieux We Discuss:

  1. From band class to Shopify CTO

  • How did Jean-Michel make his way into the world of product?

  • What were Jean-Michel’s biggest lessons from his time at Atlassian & Shopify?

  • How are Shopify & Atlassian the same? How are they different?

  • Why does Jean-Michel think Shopify could have been 10x bigger?

  1. Building the Perfect Product

  • How does Atlassian & Shopify build movements instead of product?

  • What does Jean-Michel know now that he wishes he had known before he joined Atlassian & Shopify?

  • How does Jean-Michel balance between shipping speed vs. quality?

  • Why does JM think scrums and TDDs are BS? How did his last year at Shopify change his approach in product development?

  • What is a time horizon friction? And how does it impact teams?

  1. How to Lead a Product Team:

  • What is micro alignment, and why does Jean-Michel think it is so important?

  • What 3 types of decisions every team makes?

  • What does Jean-Michel think are the most common reasons teams become average? How does he prevent it?

  • What do Jean-Michel think are the most common mistakes CEOs make today?

  1. Hiring the Best Product Team:

  • How does Jean-Michel structure the interview process for new product hires?

  • What signals does Jean-Michel look out for when hiring? Why does he believe experience does not matter?

  • What are Jean-Michel’s biggest hiring mistakes? What were his lessons?

  • What are 2 of the most common mistakes founders make when hiring a product team?


s6 ep11: not fintech investment advice:, whop, reve

Simon Taylor’s back on the podcast and he’s excited (but oh so exhausted) to be talking about some of fintech’s most promising startups with Alex.
First up on the docket, is the next Shopify for AI? As a platform offering to build custom AI prompts, can help freelancers productize themselves? Since the rise of AI, freelancers have needed to gain greater leverage over their unique set of skills to fit market demand—will this be the solution to weaponize them?
And as if there weren’t enough apps competing to become the next Shopify of (fill in the industry), Simon and Alex are tackling Whop, the Shopify-like marketplace connecting buyers and sellers to sell entrepreneurial opportunities on the internet. Want a marketplace for learning how to day trade? Whop’s on it. Need a community where you can learn how to become an influencer? Then Whop’s your homeboy. Need a place where you can’t be entirely sure you didn’t just enroll in an influencer Ponzi scheme? Then call us cynical elder millennials, but Whop may not be right for you (because it’s definitely not right for us). But it is right for someone, so maybe there’s hope yet?
Then, Alex and Simon discuss the one company out there that’s not looking to become the next Shopify of anything, Revenew. Is the platform, which is helping companies to manage complex payment flows by providing a complete payment breakdown, a brilliant ploy or way too niche to succeed? 
Plus, what’s the deal with NayaOne’s unique “Sandbox as a Service” approach? Can NayaOne actually help to eliminate the massive amounts of work that go into finding new fintech partners? And later, Simon manifests building the next Moody’s and Alex ruminates on how to solve the reluctance of Buy Now, Pay Later to share their data with credit bureaus. 
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flexport’s ceo on amazon & shopify, red sea shipping problem

Ryan Petersen is the Founder and Co-CEO of Flexport, a supply chain technology company. He joins Big Technology Podcast to discuss whether his company is competing with Amazon, his perspective on Amazon culture, and why ex-Amazon leader Dave Clark didn’t work out as CEO. We also discuss the Houthis attacks in the Red Sea’s impact on global shipping, de-globalization, cargo theft, and inflation. Tune in for a wide ranging, deep conversation about the state of logistics and the world economy.

the challenges of building a carbon removal portfolio

The carbon removal market could reach $400 billion to $1.6 trillion by 2050, according to McKinsey. But it’s got a long way to go. Right now the market is wild, unexplored territory filled with unproven technologies, murky cost curves, and a motley mix of price points and standards. The hope is that one day it becomes a standardized commodity market of high-quality, durable removals.
But for now, brave buyers have to wade into the wilds and see what works. So what does that look like – and what have they learned so far?
In this episode, Shayle talks to Stacy Kauk, head of sustainability at Shopify, which paid $55 million for 85,000 tons of removal in 2023. Kauk says that very few of those credits have been delivered yet, but the company, along with a few other early entrants like Stripe, H&M, and Microsoft, are investing in a varied field of technologies to develop the market.
Stacy thinks of Shopify’s approach like a venture capitalist’s portfolio, with some companies succeeding and others failing. Stacy and Shayle walk through the practical realities of building that portfolio, covering topics like:

Using forward purchases, flexible contracts, and Shopify’s internal credit standards

The challenges that slow down ambitious startups, like permitting delays and the complicated work of measuring, reporting, and verifying credits

Which technologies are hot and which are not, ranging from biomass burial and wastewater treatment to enhanced weathering and ocean alkalinity enhancement

Comparing the lower energy requirements of enhancing natural systems with the potentially clearer cost curves of engineered systems

Building a diverse portfolio across technologies and maturities

What determines the prices Shopify pays for different credits

Recommended Resources:
Bloomberg: Stripe, Alphabet and Others to Spend Nearly $1 Billion on Carbon Removal
Carbon Dioxide Removal Primer
Latitude: Fixing the messy voluntary carbon markets

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how to launch a business in a weekend

Noah Kagan has helped build and launch several million dollar businesses, and he’s found that you don’t need a ton of time or money to do it. His book is titled “Million Dollar Weekend: The Surprisingly Simple Way to Launch a 7-Figure Business in 48 Hours.”

He spoke with Michelle Bali for this special “Learn with Shopify” episode of Shopify Masters.

#717: noah kagan how to launch a million-dollar business t

Brought to you by LinkedIn Jobs recruitment platform with 1B+ users; Eight Sleep’s Pod Cover sleeping solution for dynamic cooling and heating; and Shopify global commerce platform, providing tools to start, grow, market, and manage a retail business.

Noah Kagan (@noahkagan) was #30 at Facebook, #4 at Mint, and has since created seven million-dollar businesses (Kickflip/Gambit, AppSumo, KingSumo, SendFox, Sumo, TidyCal, and Monthly1k).

He is the CEO of, the #1 software-deals site for entrepreneurs, and has a popular YouTube channel, Noah Kagan. 

His new book is Million Dollar Weekend: The Surprisingly Simple Way to Launch a 7-Figure Business in 48 Hours.

Please enjoy!


The blog post for this episode:


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[03:55] Noah and some of his notable successes.

[07:00] Is Barcelona the new Austin?

[13:43] Navigating the legal hurdles to living/working in another country.

[17:44] Running an $80 million business.

[20:41] Noah’s negotiating basics.

[24:33] The chargeback maneuver.

[27:02] WIIFT (What’s In It For Them?)

[29:54] A recap of the coffee challenge.

[31:31] “Life punishes the vague wish and rewards the specific ask.”

[34:12] Other comfort challenges Noah recommends.

[39:12] Feedback is a gift.

[42:26] When comfort challenges aren’t appropriate.

[45:33] LOT (Listen, Options, Transition).

[46:59] Tracking metrics that matter.

[52:17] T3 B3 (Top Three, Bottom Three).

[59:46] Weekly reviews.

[1:02:42] The value of unambitious goals.

[1:06:51] Regrets of billionaires.

[1:13:32] My approach to book launches: then and now.

[1:26:50] Priorities: then and now.

[1:43:19] Finding a sustainable purpose.

[1:49:42] Do I still find my past work useful today?

[1:52:44] Testing the waters with new hires.

[1:55:22] Don’t forget to look in the rear-view mirror sometimes.

[1:56:23] Why should you trust Noah’s advice in Million Dollar Weekend?

[1:59:47] Now, not how.

[2:03:18] What’s your freedom number?

[2:03:59] Getting your ask in gear.

[2:05:09] Counterintuitively, constraints catalyze creativity.

[2:08:17] Turning annoyance into opportunity.

[2:11:21] Determining if your intended market has value.

[2:14:12] Most profitable, elegant businesses are simple at their core.

[2:14:57] Entrepreneurs rise from the ashes of fired employees.

[2:17:14] Why you should start a podcast or business.

[2:18:18] “No solutions, only trade-offs.”

[2:19:01] Putting the idea to the test.

[2:22:52] Are you making this harder than it needs to be?

[2:24:09] The Dream 10 as a test for market viability — and your commitment.

[2:27:07] Rejection as teacher.

[2:27:58] Deliver on promises before worrying about scaling up.

[2:32:01] The three Ws: what, who, and where?

[2:33:04] The AppSumo origin story.

[2:36:24] Early high-touch community building and scaling considerations.

[2:38:29] The BrainQUICKENing.

[2:42:43] Finding underserved opportunities.

[2:44:48] Initiate correspondence with humility.

[2:48:12] Little ask, big ask.

[2:48:56] How do I handle rejection?

[2:51:18] Revisiting the Law of Category.

[2:56:16] How Noah handled a recent rejection.

[2:57:28] Dating circa now and learning optimism.

[2:59:18] How Pat seized opportunity in Poland.

[3:00:36] Free work?

[3:04:35] Behind the scenes of my Opening the Kimono event.

[3:12:02] Making sponsorship deals win/win.

[3:15:47] Streamlining business idea validation.

[3:19:42] Unorthodox simplicity.

[3:22:02] Better to be chased for money than chasing it.

[3:23:45] Best holiday purchases for under $50.

[3:31:28] Is competing for attention on YouTube worth my time and sanity?

[3:39:55] Low-effort, high-reward YouTube experiments.

[3:45:21] Lessons learned from spending more than a million dollars on coaching.

[3:53:01] Benefits of the board.

[3:53:35] How to take on the 48-hour challenge.

[3:56:00] What’s the DEAL with Cindy 10 years after meeting Noah and me?

[4:00:34] Parting thoughts.


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