read_832 – protect your bitcoin from $5 wrench attacks

“Whatever your setup is for storing the majority of your bitcoin – be it hot or cold, online or offline, software or hardware – if you can access and spend it in a matter of minutes, so can a robber armed with a $5 wrench. The _price_ for convenience is risk**. This is not merely a theoretical scenario; I have cataloged over 50 physical attacks against bitcoin users, including myself!” ~ Jameson Lopp

How can you protect your Bitcoin from physical attacks and ensure its safety in a world where even a $5 wrench can be a threat? In this episode, we start our way into Jameson Lopp’s comprehensive guide on safeguarding your Bitcoin from coercion, exploring practical strategies and multi-layered security measures. Discover why privacy, multi-sig setups, and geographic separation of keys are crucial in the fight against physical threats to your crypto assets.

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