episode 64: helene huby – co-founder & ceo of the exploratio

In this episode, Helene Huby, co-founder and CEO of The Exploration Company, shares her journey in space exploration and entrepreneurship. She discusses the vision for space exploration, the transition from Airbus to entrepreneurship, nurturing innovation in large corporations vs startups, her involvement in Urania Ventures and the Microbiome Foundation, and the importance of social impact in business. Helene also talks about balancing family life with her career and shares her thrilling vision for the future of space exploration.


1.The future of space exploration holds exciting possibilities, including regular trips to Mars and the development of mega constellations for communication.
2. Innovation requires trust, encouragement of new ideas, and acceptance of failure, whether in large corporations or startups.
3. Building a successful business involves creating a culture of trust, prioritizing happiness, and focusing on the positive impact the company can have on the world.
4. Finding a balance between work and family life is crucial, and supporting each other’s dreams and passions is key.
5. Trusting oneself and taking risks earlier in one’s career can lead to greater fulfillment and impact.