#149 – konstruktive vs. destruktive entspannung. uber die wi

Pleasures von Aldous Huxley: https://hackneybooks.co.uk/books/364/686/Pleasures.html

“Der Muskel wächst nicht im Training, sondern während der Erholung.” Dieses Mantra dürfte vielen Fitness-Enthusiasten bekannt sein. Doch unsere Erfahrung zeigt, dass es sich auch auf viele weitere Lebensbereiche anwenden lässt.

Insbesondere im Business ist uns aufgefallen, dass viele wichtige Entscheidungen und Ideen gerade in den Erholungsphasen oder einfach beim aus dem Fenster starren entstehen, anstatt während der eigentlichen Arbeitszeit.

Viele sehnen sich nach mehr Erholung, denn sie ist wichtig für unser Wohlbefinden sowie unsere Produktivität. Doch wie erhole ich mich eigentlich richtig? Dieser Frage gehen wir in der heutigen Folge auf den Grund.

Viel Freude beim Hören!



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00:00 Intro

11:39 Warum ist Enstpannung wichtig?

15:34 Was genau ist Entspannung?

22:22 Ab wann Entspannung gefährlich ist

32:39 Konstruktive vs destruktive Entspannung

01:01:24 Lieblings- Entspannungsarten

01:40:12 Outro

must-hear health hacks from the doctors who saved my life

In many ways These 2 doctors literally SAVED MY LIFE…
This weeks episode is 5 % about me and 95 % about all of YOU and all about HEALTH
In a personal and pivotal episode of the Ed Mylett Show, I’m sharing something that’s reshaping my journey a bit ….something that does not come as a surprise for those who know me or follow closely here.
Its time for a bit of a pause for me from my crazy workload.
Actually, its just a season where my health is going to be my priority, not this darn phone and all the demands that come with it!
So I’m taking a step back from social media for now and I will do less speaking and crazy travel. Still being focused strategically on biz and mentoring/coaching ..but cutting out the unnecessary and taking time for health, particularly heart health.
This decision didn’t come lightly. It’s part of a broader challenge I’ve embraced under the guidance of my doctors – two remarkable women who have cared for me for many years and literally keep me going ! Dr. Amy Doneen and Dr. Gabrielle Lyon.
OK, so with that being said. Lets focus on YOU and Your health in a VERY detailed episode
Today’s episode dives deep into the essence of health, unraveling the steps we can ALL take to ensure we’re not just living but thriving. Together with Dr. Doneen and Dr. Lyon, we explore:

The non-negotiable importance of of getting your LABS drawn regularly

What EXACTLY are the markers you should be getting tested in those labs and why most doctors don’t test for them!

Understanding your genetics through GENETIC TESTING


Minimizing your CANCER risks

Cancer and HEART DISEASE cross-over screenings


HORMONE health for men and women

WOMEN’S MORTALITY RATES for heart disease and cancer

STRESS management

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the calories expert: “health experts are wrong about calorie

CrossFit vs. marathon running? Yoga vs. pilates? Does the fitness world always have to be a battleground, or is there a middle ground that everyone can agree on?
Dr. Layne Norton is a former powerlifting champion and professional bodybuilder. He is the founder of Biolayne LLC and the co-founder of Carbon Diet Coach.
In this conversation Layne and Steven discuss topics such as, the truth about calories, sugar addiction, growing muscle three times faster, and why people can’t lose weight.

(00:00) Intro
(02:04) Making Fitness Accessible to Everyone
(13:46) My Bullying Experiences Is My Driver to Help People
(16:39) How to Overcome Our Food Addiction
(14:39) Finding the Psychological Ways That Stop Us from Achieving What We Want
(18:02) How to Build Motivation and Discipline
(24:33) Setting Big Goals Stop You from Achieving Them
(27:14) The Psychology of Taking Small Steps Really Work
(29:23) What Takes for a Person to Decide to Lose Weight or Go to the Gym?
(35:00) Calories In/Calories Out
(37:53) Thermic Effect of Food
(41:49) Metabolic Adaptation
(44:02) Can You Lose Weight in Calorie Surplus?
(52:58) Artificial Sweetness
(59:49) Is Sugar Addictive?
(01:06:07) Craving Sugar
(01:08:02) How Sweeteners Affect Our Gut
(01:09:16) What Supplements Do You Recommend?
(01:14:25) Whey Protein
(01:18:03) Caffeine
(01:19:08) Intermittent Fasting
(01:20:16) Does Fasting Help When You’re Ill?
(01:24:24) Can You Lose Belly Fat?
(01:27:40) Is Exercise Useful for Weight Loss?
(01:30:40) Exercising Helps Having a Balanced Diet
(01:35:07) Keto Diet
(01:39:21) Fat Loss and Fat Oxidation
(01:41:55) The Importance of Failure in Success Rate
(01:49:53) Ozempic
(01:53:10) What Are the Downsides of These Drugs?
(02:00:36) What Do You Think of the Fitness Industry?
(02:08:05) Resistance Training
(02:09:16) How to Grow Big Muscles
(02:17:21) Last Guest Question

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Studies mentioned in the episode:

Obesity Risk for Female Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse: A Prospective Study:

Successful weight loss maintenance: A systematic review of weight control registries:

Creatine for the Treatment of Depression:

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Non-nutritive sweetened beverages versus water after a 52-week weight management programme: a randomised controlled trial:

Short-term consumption of sucralose with, but not without, carbohydrate impairs neural and metabolic sensitivity to sugar in human:

A randomized controlled trial to isolate the effects of fasting and energy restriction on weight loss and metabolic health in lean adults:

Evidence for sugar addiction: Behavioral and neurochemical effects of intermittent, excessive sugar intake:

The NutriNet-Santé Study

Relation between caloric intake, body weight, and physical work: studies in an industrial male population in West Bengal:

GLP-1 Receptor Agonists and the Thyroid:
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fitness and wellness for business owners with uduak yhuddie

Stress is a constant companion for entrepreneurs and business owners. Those who value their well-being understand the significance of managing stress effectively. By embracing relaxation techniques, exercise, and mindfulness, they attain clarity during turbulent times. Yhuddie a finess and wellness coach shares some tips for business owners to imbibe.

minisode with steph: spilling wellness secrets

Hi Entreprenistas! It’s Steph here again with another quick minisode. Today, I’m sharing all about the inspiration behind making my 2024 all about wellness. You’ll hear some of my favorite wellness tips and secrets, why it pays to give yourself grace, and all about the importance of having an accountability partner. 

You’re going to hear about: 

My secret for prioritizing wellness: put everything on the calendar (02:32)

Surrounding yourself with people you can learn from (04:43)

This year’s Founders Weekend will focus on mental and physical health along with business (07:30)

Why sleep is so key to a successful wellness routine (08:03)

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